Schwaller Agri-Stories

Schwaller Agri-Stories
Karen Schwaller, Owner
2450 250th St., Milford, IA  51351
PH. (712) 330-2445


Schwaller Agri-Stories is the product of 20 years of telling the story of families and agriculture, through the perspective of an Iowa farm wife and mother. Owner Karen Schwaller is a freelance writer, author, speaker, farm wife and mother who writes and talks about life, using her own experiences in raising a family on a farm. She has written a book called, “The Dirt,” a collection of humorous and inspirational–sometimes bittersweet–newspaper columns she has written, depicting the lessons learned about life as her family worked on their farm. Today she brings her spoken message to audiences who want to hear her stories–stories to leave you laughing, and sometimes, crying. Schwaller Agri-Stories focuses largely on ag groups, women’s groups, Christian women’s groups, and anyone who wants to hear her message about life, through the lens of the family farm.